Waxed Linen - 3-ply pure Flax - good for stringing pressed glass, trade beads and pony beads. 45 yd/spool

0·TF·065·03 natural $3.00
0·TF·999·03 black $3.00

Silk Thread, size "E" - for bead knitting and crochet with size 11° beads. New! 1/2 oz spool (200 yds).

0·TL·065·0E dk cream $8.50
0·TL·806·0E taupe $8.50
0·TL·980·0E grey $8.50


These are flat, multi-stranded threads. The filaments are not twisted; this makes them very easy to put through beading needle eyes!

Nymo and Nylux are different manufacturers' names for the same flat, multi-strand nylon threads. They look like high-quality dental floss. These are the easiest types of thread to work with.

NYMO size "FF" New!
Use for stringing medium-weight beads or whenever all other thread fails, and you don't want to use a Conso style thread. per bobbin

0·TN·480·FF topaz $.75
0·TN·860·FF dk brown $.75

NYMO size "F" New!
At last, an easy-to-use, heavier thread. Use it when size "D" (which I'm' sure you have a lot of) just isn't heavy enough. min 35/yd bobbin

0·TN·638·0F indigo $.75
0·TN·960·0F smoke $.75
0·TN·840·0F amber $.75
0·TN·982·0F dk grey $.75

NYMO & NYLUX size "D"
For loomwork with beads size 10°., 11°., 12°. and 13°, and off-loom beadwork size 10° down through size 14°. When using vintage 13° and 14° beads, check the hole size. 58 yd bobbin

0·T·01·0D white $0.75
0·TN·597·0D teal, New! $0.75
0·TN·065·0D cream $0.75
0·TN·634·0D navy $0.75
0·TN·104·0D rosy-tan, $0.75
0·TN·644·0D lt blue $0.75
0·TN·106·0D mauve, New! $0.75
0·TN·776·0D dk plum, New! $0.75
0·TN·270·0D dull red $0.75
0·TN·806·0D khaki $0.75
0·TN·275·0D burgundy $0.75
0·TN·859·0D dk brown $0.75
0·TN·526·0D grey-green, New! $0.75
0·TN·924·0D ash $0.75
0·TN·501·0D lt avocado, New! $0.75
0·TN·984·0D dk ash, New! $0.75
0·TN·581·0D med green $0.75
0·TN·980·0D grey, $0.75
0·TN·589·0D blue-green, New! $0.75
0·TN·999·0D black $0.75

NYMO "D" in 3-oz cones

0·CN·012·0D white $9.50
0·CN·999·0D black $10.00

NYMO size "A" New!
For loom and off-loom work with size 12° through 14° beads. There's not a lot of difference between "A" and "B", so order it to take advantage of the colors we have. 140/yd bobbin

0·TN·898·0A chocolate $1.00
0·TN·809·0B sand, New! $1.00

NYMO size "B"
For loom and off-loom work with size 12° through 14° beads. It can work with size 16° and 18° if you're making only one thread pass through the bead. 72 yd bobbin

480·0B topaz, New! $1.00
0·TN·859·0B dk brown $1.00
0·TN·572·0B bright green $1.00
0·TN·984·0B dk grey, New $1.00
0·TN·574·0B cool green, New! $1.00
0·TN·999·0B black $1.00

NYMO size "0"
For loom and off-loom work with beads smaller than size 14.° 115 yd bobbin

0·TN·012·10 white $1.00
0·TN·693·10 turquoise, New! $1.00
0·TN·104·10 rosy-tan $1.00
0·TN·806·10 khaki $1.00
0·TN·194·10 shocking pink, New! $1.00
0·TN·817·10 lt khaki $1.00
0·TN·270·10 dull red $1.00
0·TN·859·10 dk brown $1.00
0·TN·469·10 gold $1.00
0·TN·898·10 walnut $1.00
0·TN·572·10 bright green $1.00
0·TN·898·10 chocolate, New! $1.00
0·TN·634·10 navy $1.00
0·TN·984·10 slate, New! $1.00
0·TN·634·10 Yale blue, New! $1.00
0·TN·999·10 black $1.00
0·TN·644·10 lt blue $1.00

Nymo size "0", 62-yd "mini" bobbins - (great for travel)

0·TN·999·10M black $0.50

NYMO size "00"
For off-loom work with size 16° beads and for weft threads on loomwork with size 16° and smaller beads. Yardage varies with color, but these hold AT LEAST 110 yd/bobbin

0T·N0·102·0 white $1.25
0·TN·615·20 dk cobalt $1.25
0·TN·127·20 lt rose, New! $1.25
0·TN·736·20 purple $1.25
0·TN·142·20 cool lt pink $1.25
0·TN·859·20 dk brown $1.25
0·TN·567·20 lichen green $1.25
0·TN·999·20 black $1.25
0·TN·603·20 icy lt blue, New! $1.25

NYMO size "000"
For your tiniest beads, for wefts with size 16° and smaller, off-loom size 18° and smaller. 3 oz cones

0·TN·012·30 white $14.00


Monocord is similar to Nymo, it's just made by a different company.
For loom and off-loom work with size 16° and 18° beads. 50 yd spool

0·TM·012·0B white $1.00
0·TM·451·0B yellow $1.00
0·TM·386·0B rust-orange $1.00
0·TM·999·0B black $1.00

For loom and off-loom work with size 16° and 18° beads. 50 yd spool

0·TM·012·0A white $1.00
0·TM·535·0A pale lime $1.00
0·TM·320·0A lt orange $1.00
0·TM·706·0A lav-grey $1.00
0·TM·324·0A orange $1.00
0·TM·856·0A dk brown $1.00
0·TM·371·0A dull coral $1.00
0·TM·874·0A brown $1.00
0·TM·451·0A brt yellow $1.00
0·TM·999·0A black $1.00

MONOCORD size "000"
Use with your tiniest beads size 18° through 24°, warp, weft, and off-loom, for a really fine look. But don't rely on this thread for strength. If possible, use Aramid thread where stress may endanger the integrity of your piece. 100 yd spool

0·TM·012·30 white $1.00
0·TM·597·30 blue-green $1.00
0·TM·320·30 lt orange $1.00
0·TM·705·30 lt lav-grey $1.00
0·TM·324·30 orange $1.00
0·TM·706·30 lav-grey $1.00
0·TM·358·30 rusty coral $1.00
0·TM·809·30 lt taupe $1.00
0·TM·402·30 pale yellow $1.00
0·TM·859·30 brown $1.00
0·TM·451·30 brt yellow $1.00
0·TM·860·30 dk brown $1.00
0·TM·506·30 lt olive $1.00
0·TM·874·30 lt brown $1.00
0·TM·535·30 pale lime $1.00
0·TM·914·30 dk grey $1.00
0·TM·581·30 med green $1.00
0·TM·999·30 black $1.00


This thread looks just like Nymo, but is unbreakable except by sharp bugle beads. It's not nylon, it's Aramid, the same fiber they use for bullet-proof vests and protective gloves. Do not tie simple overhand knots to secure it, Aramid cuts itself! Use a surgeon's knot to tie off and a fisherman's knot to join threads. The sizing is not consistent with this thread. It varies between "A" and "0" and the colors are not fade-proof. It frays a lot when you work with it. I use it for bugle bead ladders and anywhere I really need strength with seed beads size 11°-20°. 50 yd spool

0·TK·046·10 yellow-cream $2.00
0·TK·581·10 med green $2.00
0·TK·204·10 bright red $2.00
0·TK·855·10 med brown $2.00
0·TK·358·10 dark orange $2.00
0·TK·999·10 black $2.00
0·TK·527·10 bright green $2.00

The filaments of these thread are twisted together, like rope. This makes them more difficult to thread through beading needles, but easier to use for twisted fringe.


Gudebrod rod-winding thread is very slippery and tends to kink and twist when in use. As such, it is perfect for making twisted fringes with size 13° and smaller beads. It is great for warp threads for size 13° through 18°, and as wefts for size 12°, 13° and 14°. It can be used for off-loom techniques with size 13°-16° beads. Wax it to calm it down. DO NOT USE with size 10° or 11° seed beads, this thread is much too fine and slippery for that! 100 yd spool

0·TG·012·0A white $1.25
0·TG·627·0A lt blue $1.25
0·TG·086·0A cream $1.25
0·TG·629·0A brt blue $1.25
0·TG·155·0A magenta $1.25
0·TG·657·0A dull turq. $1.25
0·TG·194·0A brt pink $1.25
0·TG·735·0A brt purple $1.25
0·TG·206·0A dk ruby $1.25
0·TG·806·0A khaki $1.25
0·TG·307·0A lt orange $1.25
0·TG·842·0A lt brown $1.25
0·TG·371·0A dk orange $1.25
0·TG·855·0A dk rust $1.25
0·TG·469·0A gold $1.25
0·TG·906·0A silver-grey $1.25
0·TG·535·0A pale lime $1.25
0·TG·976·0A dark grey $1.25
0·TG·551·0A med green $1.25
0·TG·999·0A black $1.25


Silamide is a nylon tailoring thread long used by well known beaders like Joyce Scott. It is a tough, wiry thread, exactly the opposite of rod-winding. It comes pre-waxed. It is the thread of choice for sculptural pieces. Use it with a size 12 or larger needle with beads size 10° and 11°. It's called size A. 675 yd package

0·TS·015·0A white $6.00
0·TS·615·0A dk cobalt $6.00
0·TS·807·0A taupe $6.00
0·TS·817·0A tan $6.00
0·TS·860·0A dk brown $6.00
0·TS·924·0A ash grey $6.00
0·TS·961·0A pale grey $6.00
0·TS·978·0A med grey $6.00
0·TS·999·0A black $6.00


This thread is a heavy, twisted thread but it's limp like rod-winding. Use it with size 8°-11° beads with large holes where you need a really stiff tension. It's also perfect for stringing our large Czech pressed glass beads (those are the leaves, hearts, drops, triangles, pendants, etc.) You'll find that a milliner's or other sewing needle is easier to use with Conso than a true beading needle which has a long narrow eye. For stringing, use a Big Eye or twisted wire needle. 325 yd spool

0·TC·012·0E white $3.50
0·TC·834·0E tan $3.50
0·TC·057·0E ecru $3.50
0·TC·841·0E dull salmon $3.50
0·TC·067·0E cream $3.50
0·TC·856·0E dk brown $3.50
0·TC·106·0E dusty rose $3.50
0·TC·911·0E dk taupe $3.50
0·TC·667·0E dk grey-blue $3.50
0·TC·984·0E med grey $3.50
0·TC·999·0E black $3.50


This thread is heavy, twisted thread on bobbins rather than spools. It's wiry, like Silamide, but of course heavier. Use it for sculptural pieces with size 11 and larger beads. You'll find a Milliner's needle easier to thread than the beading needles, and for stringing, try the Big Eye or twisted wire needles. at least 30/yd bobbin

0·TH·428·0E yellow-brown $0.75
0·TH·807·0E khaki $0.75
0·TH·736·0E royal purple $0.75
0·TH·981·0E dk grey $0.75


BEESWAX In protective plastic case

0·PW beeswax in case $1.60

PLASTIC THREAD HOLDER (keeps light colors clean)
Circular white plastic container holds nymo bobbins securely, has a built-in cutter and a protective lid.

0·PH thread holder $1.00